[IAPR-TC10] Newsletter 143 – October 2020

Welcome to the October edition of the TC10 newsletter.

In this issue, you will find several upcoming deadlines including ICDAR2021 call for workshop (Oct. 5th) and MANPU@ICPR 2020 paper submission (extended to Oct. 10th).

Please take care and keep safe from COVID-19.

Christophe Rigaud
IAPR-TC10 Communications Officer

Call for contributions: feel free to contribute to TC10 newsletters, by sending any relevant news, event, notice, open position, dataset or link to us on iapr.tc10[at]gmail.com

1) Upcoming deadlines and events


  • Deadlines:
    • October 5, workshop proposal submission deadline for ICDAR 2021
    • October 6, paper submission deadline for VISAPP 2021
    • October 6, paper submission deadline for ICPRAM 2021
    • October 10, paper submission deadline for MANPU 2020 (extended)
    • October 16, paper submission deadline for S+SSPR 2020
    • November 2, journal-track paper submission deadline for ICDAR 2021
  • Events:

2021 and later

  • January 10-15, 2021, conference ICPR 2020, Milan, Italy (online)
  • January 19-22, 2021, workshop S+SSPR 2020, Padua, Italy (online)
  • February 8, 2021: paper submission deadline for ICDAR 2021
  • February 4-6, 2021: conference ICPRAM 2021
  • September 5-10, 2021 conference ICDAR 2021, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • December, 2022 conference ICFHR 2022, Hyderabad, India

2) IJDAR article alert

Volume 23, Issue 3, September 2020

3) ICDAR-IJDAR Journal Track

Continuing a feature that was added in 2019, ICDAR 2021 will again include the option of a journal track that offers the rapid turnaround and dissemination times of a conference while providing the paper length, scientific rigor, and careful review process of an archival journal.

Important Dates

Nov  2   Journal track paper submission deadline
Jan 11   Initial journal track decision announced to authors
Mar 15   Revised journal track paper submission deadline
May 31   Final journal track paper decision announced to authors

The ICDAR-IJDAR journal track invites high-quality submissions that present original work in the areas of Document Analysis and Recognition appropriate to both the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR) and the International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR). Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of IJDAR and will receive an oral presentation slot at the ICDAR 2021 conference. Journal versions of previously published conference papers or survey papers will not be considered for this special issue. Such submissions can be submitted as journal-only papers via the regular IJDAR process.

Authors who submit their work to the journal track commit themselves to present their results at the ICDAR conference in case of acceptance. Springer-Nature, the publisher of IJDAR, will make the papers accepted for the journal track freely available in a time frame of four weeks around the conference, beyond being available in the archival journal.


Papers submitted to the journal track should follow the format of IJDAR submissions and all of the standard guidelines.

Procedure and deadlines

While we are able to permit a somewhat “soft” deadline for submissions of papers to the IJDAR-ICDAR journal track, it must be understood by all authors that the full journal review process will be required for all such submissions – there is no “short cut.” Papers that are submitted later run the risk of the review process not completing in time. In such cases, authors should know that: (1) The submitted paper can still continue under review as an IJDAR paper. (2) The authors always have the option of preparing a shorter version of the paper to submit via the regular ICDAR process.

Questions regarding the status of a paper that is under review for the ICDAR-IJDAR journal track should be directed to the Journal Editorial Office by using the Editorial Manager tools. The guest editors have full authority to determine that the journal review process will not complete in time, and to decline submissions that arrive too late. In which case they will immediately notify the authors who can decide to leave the paper in the standard journal reviewing system or withdraw the manuscript from the journal.


For any information about this initiative, please email one of the editors of this special issue or consult the FAQ that will be posted on the IJDAR website.


This special issue is a joint initiative of the IJDAR editors and the ICDAR 2021 program chairs.
Josep Lladós, Daniel Lopresti, Seiichi Uchida – Program Chairs of ICDAR 2021
Koichi Kise, Daniel Lopresti, Simone Marinai – Editors-in-Chief of IJDAR

For more information, please visit: https://icdar2021.org/calls/call-for-journal/

4) ICDAR2021 call for workshop

The ICDAR 2021 Organizing Committee invites proposals for workshops that will be held before the commencement of the ICDAR 2021 main conference. Researchers interested in organizing workshops at ICDAR 2021 are invited to submit a proposal, including the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Preference for the duration (full day or half day) and date (September 5-7, 2021)
  3. Scope and motivation
  4. Topics
  5. Relevance for ICDAR
  6. Potential committee
  7. Short CV of organizers


  • The ICDAR main conference organizers will handle the workshop registration and provide workshop space, coffee breaks and other facilities required to organize workshops (e.g. a room, a projector and a screen). In addition, a free registration will be provided to an organizer of each workshop.
  • If a workshop incurs costs for invited speakers, the workshop organizers are required to bear that cost. The workshop organizers may solicit sponsorship to cover the relevant costs. They may use their free registration for the invited speaker.
  • Please set the camera-ready due date of your workshop at July 5, 2021or prior.


  • Workshop proceedings will be published through the ICDAR organizers and proceeding costs will also be borne by the ICDAR main organizers.
  • The front matter (preface, title page and so on) and the paper order with session dividers are provided from the workshop organizers to the ICDAR2021 Publication Chairs. (Its due date will be set around the same date as camera-ready papers.)
  • If the proceedings related conditions above are not met by an organizer, the proceedings will not be published through the ICDAR main organizers, and the organizer will need to be published locally by their own.

Important Dates

  • October 5, 2020: Workshop proposal due date
  • November 2, 2020: Acceptance notification
  • September 5 – 7, 2021: Dates of workshops

For more information, please visit: https://icdar2021.org/calls/call-for-workshops/

5) MANPU@ICPR 2020 workshop

4th International Workshop on coMics ANalysis, Processing and Understanding
11 January 2021 – Milan, Italy
(in conjunction with ICPR 2020, Milan, Italy)

Comics is a medium constituted of images combined with text and other visual information in order to narrate a story. Nowadays, comic books are a widespread cultural expression all over the world. Moreover, from a researcher point of view, comics images are attractive targets because the structure of a comics page includes various elements (such as panels, speech balloons, captions, leading characters, and so on), the drawing of which depends on the style of the author and presents a large variability. Therefore comics image analysis is not a trivial problem and is still immature compared with other kinds of image analysis.

Scope and Topics

The scope of this workshop includes, but is not limited to,

  • Comics Image Processing
  • Comics Analysis and Understanding
  • Comics Recognition
  • Comics Retrieval and Spotting
  • Comics Enrichment
  • Born-digital comics
  • Reading Behavior Analysis of Comics
  • Comics Generation
  • Copy protection – Fraud detection
  • Physical/Digital Comics Interfaces
  • Cognitive Processing and Comprehension of Comics
  • Linguistics Analysis of Comics


To evaluate the proposed works, participants will be able to use the following datasets that are publicly available. Researchers can request to download them at each website.

eBDtheque consists of 100 images with ground truth for panels, speech balloons, tails, text lines, leading characters.
Website: http://ebdtheque.univ-lr.fr

Manga109 consists of over 20 thousand images of 109 volumes (21,142 images).
Website: http://www.manga109.org

Important Dates

Paper submission due:  October 10, 2020 (extended)
Notification of acceptance:  November 3, 2020
Camera-ready paper due:  November 10, 2020
Workshop:  January 11, 2021

For more information, please visit: http://manpu2020.imlab.jp