TC-10 Chair's message


Welcome to the web site of the IAPR Technical Committee
on Graphics Recognition


Graphics Recognition is an exciting field of pattern recognition. Along with optical character recognition (OCR) and document layout analysis, it forms the broader area of document image analysis and recognition.

IAPR's Technical Committee 10 on Graphics Recognition promotes interaction among researchers working in document image analysis in general, and graphics recognition in particular. Topics of primary interest to members of this Technical Committee are :

  • raster-to-vector techniques 
  • recognition of graphical primitives, shapes and symbols 
  • analysis and interpretation of engineering drawings, logic diagrams, maps, diagrams, charts, etc.
  • analysis of line drawings, tables, forms etc.
  • 3-D models from multiple 2-D views (line drawing)
  • graphics-based information retrieval
  • performance evaluation in graphics recognition
  • systems for graphics recognition

TC10 organizes and co-sponsors several international workshops and conferences in this field. At the primary workshop of TC10, we also organize an international contest in graphics recognition. Besides, an electronic mailing with news of interest to the research community is sent out periodically to TC10 members. Copies of past issues are available on-line under the link TC10 News. If you wish to become a member of TC10, please fill out the enrollment form under the link membership.

Please follow the links in the top frame to browse through the information on this web site.

Rafael Lins
TC10 Chair