Description of symbols

From this page you can download the representation of an ideal shape of all symbols used in the contest.Ideal symbols are called "models"in the constest. To retreive the models, please see the section below "How to get the symbols".

Symbols are provided as a vectorial description in vectorial formats and as binary images in TIFF and PNG formats

Now, all symbols to be used in the contest are included in this page. There are 150 different symbols, corresponding to the domains of architectural and electronic drawings. Not all these symbols will be used in all tests. Each test will only use a sub-set of these 150 symbols.

  • Vectorial representation of symbols in VEC format and SVG format
  • Binary representation of symbols in TIFF and PNG formats.
An image used in the Spotting Contest  An image used in the recognition contest

How to get the symbols

All symbols are hosted on the DAE platform (Document Analysis and Exploitation). To retreive symbols from this platform, you have to create an account.

Creating an account on the DAE platform : http://dae.cse.lehigh.edu/DAE/

On the top of the DAE website (see the image below),

Click on the button captioned "Create new account".

When your account is created, you can dowload images from the following link : http://dae.cse.lehigh.edu/DAE/?q=browse/dataitem/227795

However, the best way is to refer to the elements provided in the next section :  Test descriptions