How to submit your results to the symbol contest team


To all participants,

Thank you very much for participating to the symbol recognition contest.

Here is an email explaining the result submission process.

Results are due on the 1rst of August


1°) Output filename convention

 For each test, you must provide a simple result file.

The content of this file is fully explained on this page:


If you have any question on the content of this file, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

File name of the result file: What is to say: “How to name your result file?”

The file name of the result file must respect a naming convention:

Here is the correct syntax and an example:

Syntax (without accent):

Dataset ID-participant surname-institute name-method name.xml


2-raveaux-university of la Rochelle-SGMD.xml


2°) Synthesis on the tests you have run:

For each experiment you have done, you must fill-up a form called: ”Test synthesis”.

You can download this file here.


3°) Archive

All the files (results and test synthesis) must be archived in a zip file.

Syntax (without accent):

participant surname-institute name-number of tests.zip


4°) Sending your archive

Finally, your zip file must be sent by email to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A kind remark, to make you notice that results are due to the 1rst of August.


Feel free to ask any questions. We would be pleased to receive feedback and comments.


The Symbol Contest Team