Newsletter 03

Dear colleagues,

This is a short note with some information about events in our field.
I hoped to be able to tell you more about the coming DAS'94 workshop
but I haven't got yet any official text which could be sent out; it
will be for the next issue...

First, I got a note from Theo Pavlidis about ICDAR in the beginning of May:

>>>>> Regarding Re: TC10 news #2; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Theo Pavlidis) adds:

TP> Here are some news about ICDAR'93 which you may wish to relay
TP> to your mailing list.

TP> A month ago I returned from Japan after spending two weeks with
TP> the organizing and program committees of ICDAR'93. I am very
TP> impressed by the preparations and all arrangements and I want
TP> to share with you my impressions. (I was going to send the
TP> news earlier but April was a trully cruel month at the
TP> University.)

TP> There were 257 paper submissions, most of them quite good. About
TP> one third was from Japan, the rest from 22 other
TP> countries. Given the overall high quality of the submissions
TP> and the desire to encourage participation we expect many
TP> of the papers to be accepted and we plan for three parallel
TP> sessions plus a poster session of 50 to 70 papers. On the
TP> other hand we may encourage authors to merge related papers
TP> in order to accommodate all papers that merit oral presentation
TP> in the program. We hope that ICDAR'93 will be a truly global
TP> gathering of all those working in the document analysis area.

TP> A pleasant surprise was that Tsukuba is much cheaper than Tokyo.
TP> The hotel (really luxurious) is only 10,000 yen a night (less
TP> than one third the price of comparable hotels in Tokyo). A person
TP> can have a good meal for less than 1,000 yen (again, a fraction
TP> of Tokyo prices). Thus it is not unreasonable to plan on a $150
TP> per diem. With an economy air fare (around $1,000) the total
TP> travel budget should be well below $2,000.

TP> The city of Tsukuba is very modern and pleasant and close
TP> to various natural attractions. I will be happy to provide
TP> you with any kind of special information you might need.
TP> You should also bring the benefits (and low cost) of the
TP> conference to the attention of potentially interested people
TP> outside the academic community.

TP> Best regards,
TP> Theo

Sorry for the delay in sending out this info (I really hoped I could
combine with news about DAS'94...). We now are expecting the responses
from the program committee very soon...

In a separate mail, Theo Pavlidis also informed us of another meeting
of interest to our research community:

TP> While we are in the subject of conferences, I would like to bring
TP> to your attention another meeting. A conference on document
TP> recognition which will take place in San Jose, Calif. as part of
TP> the SPIE symposium on Feb. 6-10 (each particular conference is
TP> only during two of these days). Luc Vincent of Xerox Imaging
TP> Systems and myself are the chairs and abstracts are due to the
TP> SPIE office by July 12. You may send an abstract via e-mail to
TP> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
TP> (ASCII format only please).

So here is another symposium which for sure will be interesting...
While we are at the subject of conferences, let me congratulate our
colleagues from the Institute of Engineering Cybernetics, Belarusian
Academy of Science, Minsk (Republic of Belarus), who had the only
paper on document analysis at the highly rated 4th International
Conference on Computer Vision held in Berlin this May. The references
of this paper are as follows:

A System for Automatic Vectorization and Interpretation of
S. Ablameyko, V. Bereishik, O. Frantskevich, M. Homenko, E. Melnik, O.
Okun, N. Paramonova
Proc. of 4th ICCV, pp. 456-460.
Another information which may interest those of you who work on
recognition of musical notation is that the publication Computing in
Musicology is conducting a survey of research in this field, the
results of which will appear in Volume 9 of this publication.

If you haven't received it yet, I refer you to

Computing in Musicology
Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities
525 Middlefield Road, Ste. 120
Menlo Park, CA 94025

or Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be quick; the questionnaire must be returned before August 15!

Good luck to them for this survey which seems exciting, as it will
provide a way to really compare the performances of the existing

Well, that's it for this issue. I hope to come out very soon with
another issue giving fresh information about DAS'94, CNED'94 (French),
the next Univ. of Nevada symposium (could somebody knowledgeable mail
me some information on this one?), and maybe more info about ICDAR...

Thank you to all those who have provided me with corrections, updates,
additions to this mailing list. Don't hesitate to continue giving me
info on people active in our field (E-mail address, affiliation).

Your IAPR TC10 chairman,

Karl Tombre - INRIA Lorraine / CRIN-CNRS --- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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