Newsletter 72, August 2004

Newsletter of the IAPR Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition (TC10)

TC10 News #72


* LNCS Post GREC'03 Book
* CFP: IJDAR Special Issue on Graphics Recognition
* CFP: ICDAR'05 (Seoul, Korea) and GREC'05 (Hong Kong, China)
* TC Meetings at ICPR
* Scientific news from the IAPR Secretary


Dear TC10 members and friends,

Welcome to issue #72 of TC10 News.

In this newsletter you can find some announcements of interest to the Graphics Recognition community at large. Also, I include a meeting announcement during ICPR in Cambridge to discuss TC10 related issues.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge,

Best regards,

Josep Llados
(chairman of TC-10)


The Post GREC'03 LNCS volume will be published during this month by Springer. Here
is the bibtex entry for the volume.

editor = "J. Llad\'os and Y.B. Kwon",<br /> title = "Graphics Recognition -- Recent Advances and Perspectives",<br /> publisher = "Springer Verlag",<br /> year = 2004,<br /> series = "Lecture Notes in Computer Science",<br /> volume = 3088,<br /> month = August,<br /> note = "To appear"<br /> }</p> <p>The table of contents is given at http://www.cvc.uab.es/iapr-tc10/resources/lncs3088.htm. Attendees to GREC'03 in Barcelona will receive a free copy of the book.</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> IJDAR SPECIAL ISSUE ON GRAPHICS RECOGNITION<br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>The International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition (IJDAR) has scheduled a special issue on Graphics Recognition, promoted by the TC10. The submission deadline is February 20, 2005. The Call For Papers is available at:</p> <p>http://www.cvc.uab.es/iapr-tc10/conferences/ijdarCFP.htm</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT AND CFP: ICDAR'05 AND GREC'05<br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>The two major activities of TC10 will be held in summer 2005 in Seoul and Hong-Kong respectively. Below you can find the information of these events:</p> <p>8th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR'2005)<br /> Seoul (Korea). August 29 - September 1, 2005.<br /> Paper submission deadline: January 31, 2005<br /> More information at http://www.icdar2005.org.</p> <p>Sixth International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC'2005)<br /> Hong Kong, China. August 25-26, 2005.<br /> Paper submission deadline: April 18, 2005<br /> More information at http://www.cs.cityu.edu.hk/grec2005</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> TC10 MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT<br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>At ICPR in Cambridge, there will be a meeting of TC10.</p> <p>+------------------------------------------------------------------+<br /> |Meeting of IAPR Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition (TC10)|<br /> | at ICPR 2004 in Cambridge, UK |<br /> | The meeting room and date will be posted at the conference venue |<br /> | The tentative day is Wednesday, August 25th |<br /> +------------------------------------------------------------------+</p> <p>The agenda is as follows:</p> <p>- Report on TC10's activities for the last 2 years (the report can be seen at the TC10 web site)<br /> - Information about GREC 2005<br /> - Discussion about future plans and actions<br /> - Miscellaneous</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> OTHER NEWS (thanks to Prof. Karl Tombre for collecting this information)<br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>- MVA'2005 - IAPR CONFERENCE ON MACHINE VISION APPLICATIONS<br /> Tsukuba Science City, Japan - May 16-18, 2005</p> <p>Paper submission deadline: November 8, 2004</p> <p>More information: http://www.cvl.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/mva/</p> <p>- IEEE Winter Vision Multi-Meeting Jan 5-7, Breckenridge Colorado<br /> co-location of IEEE WACV, IEEE Motion and PETS</p> <p>IEEE Workshop on Application on Computer Vision (WACV2005)<br /> Submission Deadline Paper Abstracts July 23, Full Papers July 31<br /> More Info: http://wacv2005.vast.uccs.edu</p> <p>IEEE Workshop on Motion (Motion 2005)<br /> Submission Deadline Abstracts July 24, Papers July 31<br /> More Info: http://motion2005.vast.uccs.edu</p> <p>Performance Evaluation of Tracking Systems (PETS2005)<br /> Submission Deadlines (tentative) October 15, 2004<br /> More Info: http://pets2005.vast.uccs.edu</p> <p>- ICASSP 2005<br /> March 19-23, 2005 - Philadelphia</p> <p>Submission deadline: September 17, 2004</p> <p>More info: http://www.icassp2005.com/</p> <p>- Fifth International Conference on Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision<br /> Hofgeismar, Germany, April 7-9, 2005</p> <p>Paper submission: October 1, 2004</p> <p>More info: http://www.scalespace.org/call.html</p> <p>- SAC 2005 - 20th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing<br /> Document Engineering Track<br /> Santa Fe - March 13-17, 2005</p> <p>Submission deadline: September 3, 2004<br /> More info: http://www.acm.org/conferences/sac/sac2005/ <br /> <br /> - GbR'2005 - 5th IAPR-TC15 Workshop on Graph based representations for pattern recognition<br /> April 11-13, 2005 - POITIERS - FRANCE</p> <p>Web: http://leri.univ-reims.fr/~gbr</p> <p>Deadline for paper submission: October 1, 2004</p> <p>- MLDM`2005 - 4rd Intern. Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition<br /> Renaissance Hotel Leipzig / Germany, July 9-11, 2005<br /> IAPR TC17 event</p> <p>Deadline for paper submission January, 10th 2005</p> <p>Web: http://www.mldm.de</p> <p>- QCAV'2005 - 7th International Conference on Quality Control by Artificial Vision<br /> Nagoya, Japan</p> <p>Submission deadline : 1 Oct 2004</p> <p>Web: http://www.koshi-lab.sccs.chukyo-u.ac.jp/QCAV2005/index.html</p> <p>- BV&AI 2005 - 1st International Symposium on "Brain, Vision and Artificial Intelligence"<br /> Naples-Italy, October 19-21, 2005</p> <p>Web: http://bvai.cib.na.cnr.it/BVAI2005</p> <p>Paper Submission 15 March 2005</p> <p>- Post-doc position at Imagelab laboratory, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. The position will be for a full year (starting from January 2005), with the possibility to extend it for the second year</p> <p>Topics related to computer vision, pattern recognition, and<br /> image processing.</p> <p>Applications: send your CV (in english), with list of publications included, by email to Prof. Rita Cucchiara, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .<br /> Closing date for applications is 30 September 2004 and the selection will be made before the end of October.</p> <p>- 3 Research Fellow Posts in Computer Vision at The University of Reading</p> <p>For more information please contact Dr James Ferryman (Email:<br /> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). More details<br /> on the projects can be found respectively at:<br /> http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/aeronautics/info/news/news26_en.html<br /> and<br /> http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/aeronautics/info/news/news24_en.html</p> <p><br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> -------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>"