Newsletter 77, October 2006

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Newsletter of the IAPR Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition (TC10)

TC10 News #77
October 10, 2006

Message to the TC10 community at large.

Dear TC10 members and friends,

Welcome to issue #77 of TC10 News.

In the last ICPR in Hong Kong, I finished my 4 year term chairmanship of the IAPR-TC10. It is my pleasure to announce that the new TC10 chair for the next term is Dr. Liu Wenyin (City University of Honk Kong, China) and the new vice-chair is Dr. Jean-Marc Ogier (Université de La Rochelle, France). Wenyin and Jean-Marc have been very active researchers in our field for a long time, so I believe they will keep on the TC10 being one of the outstanding Committees of the IAPR.

Thank you all for your participation and support to TC10 during my chairmanship. For me it has been a fruitful period both from scientific and human point of view. I hope to see you soon in the coming events related to our field: ICDAR'2007 and GREC'2007 next summer in Curitiba, Brazil.

Best regards,

Josep Llados
(past chairman of TC-10)