Newsletter 85, October 2009

- Brief Reports of GREC2009 and ICDAR2009
- Agenda for the GREC2009 Post Workshop Proceedings
- Diagrams 2010 - Call for Papers
- ICPR 2010 - Call for Contests – Deadline August 28, 2009
Dear TC10 members and friends,

Welcome to issue #85 of TC10 News.

I hope all of you enjoyed the exciting events of GREC2009 and ICDAR2009. First comes brief reports for GREC2009 and ICDAR2009.

Thanks to the great efforts of Jean-Marc’s team, GREC2009 was a big success featured in a few aspects. The technical program consisted of 41 short presentations arranged in 8 sessions, plus a panel discussion session. We invite all these authors to extend, revise (based on the comments to their presentations) and re-submit their papers for rigorous review for possible inclusion in the post workshop proceedings as an LNCS volume (see the next item in this newsletter for more details). For the first time in the GREC history we had more than 70 registered participants. The social events were also exciting, including a sea cruise in rain and tyrolean between old towers of La Rochelle, just before a splendid banquet in the Aquarium of La Rochelle. It was also the first time that we had two proposals for the next GREC (2011) and we had to vote for one. Finally, GREC2011 was decided to be organized by Prof. Young-Bin Kwon at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea, Sept 15-16, 2011, just before ICDAR2011. Unfortunately, the deadlines for the two contests (arc segmentation at http://www.cs.usm.my/arcseg2009/ and symbol recognition at http://symbcontestgrec05.loria.fr/) were extended to Sept 15, 2009 in order to prepare better and attract more participants. Jean Marc will provide a detail report of GREC2009 for an issue of IAPR newsletter later.

Thanks to the great efforts of Josep’s team, ICDAR2009 was also a big success. It made new records in terms of a few numbers: the number submitted papers (430), and the number of participants (382), the numbers of competitions (9) and their participating methods/systems/configurations (132). An IJDAR special issue is planned to publish improved versions (after rigorous review) of some selected papers from ICDAR2009. All ICDAR participants also enjoyed the exciting social events (folk performances, cruise, banquet and those joyful dances). ICDAR2011 team from Beijing also reported their preparation progress and ICDAR2013 was decided to be organized in Washington DC by the team led by David Doermann. During ICDAR2009, the following awards were also presented:
The IAPR/ICDAR Outstanding Achievements Award was presented to Prof. Horst Bunke for his outstanding and continued contributions to research and education in handwriting recognition and document analysis, and services to the community. Prof. Bunke had also delivered the Opening Keynote Speech at ICDAR2009 in Barcelona on July 27, 2009.
The IAPR/ICDAR Young Investigator Award was presented to Prof. Katrin Franke for her outstanding contributions to handwriting analysis and computational forensics.
The Best Paper Award (sponsored by Itesoft) was presented to Xujun Peng, Srirangaraj Setlur, Venu Govindaraju, Ramachandrula Sitaram and Kiran Bhuvanagiri for their paper titled “Markov Random Field Based Text Identification from Annotated Machine Printed Documents.”
The Best Student Paper Award (sponsored by IBM) was presented to Partha Pratim Roy, Umapada Pal, Josep Llados and Mathieu Delalandre for their paper titled “Multi-Oriented and Multi-Sized Touching Character Segmentation using Dynamic Programming.”
The Best Industry Related Paper Award was presented to Yongqiang Wang and Qiang Huo for their paper titled “Design Compact Recognizers of Handwritten Chinese Characters Using Precision Constrained Gaussian Models, Minimum Classification Error Training and Parameter Compression.”
Josep will also provide a detail report of ICDAR2009 for an issue of IAPR newsletter later.
Next, please also find other information which might be interesting to you.

-Liu Wenyin

Chair of IAPR TC10

Agenda for the GREC2009 Post Workshop Proceedings
All the papers presented during GREC2009 and some other papers are invited for re-submission after extension and revision (based on comments to their presentations) for rigorous review for possible inclusion in the post workshop proceedings as an LNCS volume. The authors are encouraged to start revision such that we can catch the following deadlines.  

Oct 31 2009, extension, revision, and re-submission
Nov 30 2009, review comments ready
Dec 31 2009, 2nd round revision again based on the review comments
Jan 31 2010, camera-ready version sent to LNCS
April-Jun 2010, publication by LNCS
July-Aug 2010, copies arriving at individual registered participant

Diagrams 2010 Call for Papers

Sixth International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
9-11 August 2010
Portland, Oregon, USA

ICPR 2010 - Call for Contests
The ICPR 2010 Contest Chairs invite contest proposals for the 20th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2010) that will be held in Istanbul, Turkey during August 23-26, 2010.
The ICPR 2010 contests will provide a setting where participants will have the opportunity to evaluate their algorithms using publicly available datasets and standard performance assessment methodologies, publish their results in the proceedings of an internationally acclaimed conference, and discuss technical topics in an atmosphere that fosters active exchange of ideas. Members from all segments of the pattern recognition community are invited to submit contest proposals for review.
Each proposal will be assessed for its scientific content, proposed structure and overall relevance. Contest organizers will be responsible for the infrastructure of the contest (including provision of data and evaluation of results), inviting participants and ensuring their participation, and preparing an overview paper of the results.
Furthermore, individual results of the contests can be presented at separate workshops at ICPR 2010 provided that these workshops do not divert papers from the main conference.
/Submission Requirements:/
Researchers interested in organizing a contest as part of the ICPR 2010 Conference are kindly invited to send the following information to the Contest Chairs by *Friday, August 28* at the latest:
     * Names and contact information of organizers
     * Title of the contest
     * Short description of the contest explaining its necessity,
       potential, relevance and timeliness
     * Short description of the data and the performance evaluation
       methodology that will be used in the contest
     * Short biographies of the organizers depicting their expertise in
       the field of the contest
     * Expected number of participation in the proposed contest
     * Any special request concerning practical arrangements, such as
       infrastructure, equipment, connectivity, etc. (Contest Chairs
       cannot guarantee satisfaction of these requests)
/Important Dates:/
August 28, 2009          Deadline for submission of proposals
September 28, 2009       Acceptance notification
April 30, 2010           Deadline for the overview paper of the contest
August 23, 2010          ICPR 2010 in Istanbul
/Contest Chairs:/
Asst. Prof. Selim Aksoy
Department of Computer Engineering
Bilkent University
E-mail: saksoy AT cs.bilkent.edu.tr
Assoc. Prof. Zehra Cataltepe
Department of Computer Engineering
Istanbul Technical University
E-mail: cataltepe AT itu.edu.tr
Dr. Devrim Unay
Department of Electronics Engineering
Sabanci University
E-mail: unay AT sabanciuniv.edu