Newsletter 88, November 2010


Newsletter of the IAPR (www.iapr.org) Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition (TC10)


TC10 News #88
Nov 208, 2010

- New TC10 management team

Dear TC10 members and friends,

Welcome to issue #88 of TC10 News.

This newsletter is voluntarily very short, because it just aims at informing you about the new TC 10 management group.
Another newsletter will follow this one very shortly.
First of all, I was appointed to serve as TC10 Chair for 2 years term, and Dr. Rafael Lins will  be the Vice Chair.

I am very pleased to announce that we have organize the TC10 management as follows :
  • Prof Jean-Marc Ogier, TC 10 Chair
  • Dr Rafael Lins, TC 10 Vice chair
  • Dr Jaehwa Park Newsletter editor, responsible for working with the TC Chair to produce the monthly TC-10 newsletter, including soliciting information of interest to the community. I am negociating with one of our colleague in South Korea for this task.
  • Dr. Bart Lamiroy, Dataset curator, responsible for managing the datasets on the website, including tracking down new datasets, investigating distribution issues, and providing additional annotation as needed.
  • Dr. Jean-Christophe Burie, Webmaster, responsible for the content of the TC-10 website, including helping to investigate new functionality to support the research community (http://www.iapr-tc10.org/).

Concerning the website, as you know, we have totally rebuild it last year, in order to render it more interactive, on the basis of modern web publication techniques (Joomla Technology).
This one is actually hosted by the university of la Rochelle and can be accessed at http://iapr-tc10.univ-lr.fr
The brief summary of the work plan for our new term is as follows.

  1. Organize the GREC2011 workshop
  2. Organize graphic recognition contents during GREC2011
  3. Publish the post-workshop proceedings for GREC2011
  4. Co-organize the ICDAR2011 with TC11
  5. up-date TC 10 list members
  6. Definition of new animation and communication strategy, in collaboration with TC11.

Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated, especially for the last point.

The management group will have a meeting this week, and will send you the #89 newsletter very shortly.

The next newsletter will be sent shortly by Dr Jaehwa Park.

Jean-Marc Ogier
Chair of IAPR TC10