Datasets and Software

The TC10 Committee is committed to offering resources to the research community that foster quality experimental research. Typical resources are datasets with annotations (ground-truth), source code, etc. These resources are fundamental for valid peer review and experimental validation through full reproduction of the experimental conditions reported in published works.

These resources are community-contributed. Therefore, all items listed here and available for download are contributions from research groups within the graphics recognition domain. The TC10 Committee is constantly looking for new contributions and extensions of its published datasets, so new additions are highly welcomed !

If you have interesting datasets to share, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and review the requirements described in the Submission Process section for your data to be published here.


Despite all efforts by the TC10 Committee, it may occur that information or links in this section become obsolete or invalid. In the event such errors occur, please notify the  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to have the information corrected.

1. Available Datasets

Other, related, datasets are maintained by the TC11 Committee.

2. Available Software

  • QuickDiagram (quick input and understanding of circuit diagrams by sketching)

3. Submission Process

The submission process slightly depends on what kind of exposure you want to provide to your data. Independently of the way data is hosted, the submission process requires three distinct steps:

  1. Fill out the submission form
  2. Undergo a review for global compliance and  adequacy
  3. Get Referenced

Please note that the TC-10 and TC-11 Committees are working closely together where datasets are concerned, and there is a significant part of the process that is managed in common. TC-10 remains principally committed to providing resources for symbol recognition related task, however.

3.1 Submission Form

As noted before, the submission form is common between TC-10 and TC-11 communities. Please download it, review and process it, before transmitting it to the data curator.

3.2 Review Process

Reviewing of the submission is handled commonly between TC-10 and TC-11. The process is not intended on providing a review on the perceived scientific quality of the dataset, but rather to insure an as broad as possible use, and compliance with elementary common sense practices, such as use of open formats, reasonable Copyright restrictions, re-usability, etc.

The process is a two-way communication between the submitters and reviewers, as to assure an as well understood contex and as good as possible support for the hosing and dissemination of its content.

3.3 Hosting Options

  1. Self Hosting - URL Provision

    In this case, the TC10 website does not host any of your data, and just provides a link to a web site you maintain.

    This is a very flexible and quick way to provide any data you do not want (or cannot allow) to be hosted elsewhere than on your own infrastructure.

    We would like to keep this kind of contributions to a minimum, and restrict them to cases that cannot be handled otherwise, due to intellectual property of copyright issues. 

  2. TC10 Hosting - Full Description

    This is the preferred method of hosting the data. Users are invited to upload their dataset to the DAE server and provide the TC10 dataset curator with all necessary information for referencing the data on the TC10 website. (to be completed soon)