GREC 2001 : Arc segmentation

Arc segmentation GREC 2001

This contest on arc segmentation held at the fourth International Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC’2001), Kingston, Ontario, Canada, September 7-8, 2001 is the fourth in the series of graphics recognition contests organized by the International Association for Pattern Recognition's Technical Committee on Graphics Recognition (IAPR TC10).

  • The first contest, held at the GREC’95 workshop, focused on dashed line detection.
  • The second contest, held at the GREC’97 workshop, attempted to evaluate complete raster to vector conversion systems.
  • The third contest, held off-line in association with the GREC’99 workshop, also aimed to evaluate complete raster to vector conversion systems. The purpose of this series of contests is to encourage third-party independent and objective evaluation of the industrial and academic solutions to the graphics recognition problem and therefore push the research in this area.

Following the success of these three contests, in this contest we focused on testing the abilities of participating algorithms and systems to detect solid arcs from raster images. The participating systems had been tested on-site with synthesized and real scanned images at different levels of quality and complexity. An overall performance metric based on a previously developed line detection performance evaluation protocol was used to measure each system and determine the winners. In this paper we present the extended summary of the contest, including the contest rules, performance metrics, test images and their ground truths, the outcomes, and discussions.

The constest was hosted by http://www.cs.cityu.edu.hk/~liuwy/ArcContest/contest_summary.htm

 The test images used in the contest are available below :